The Speculative Turn

The United/Sunderland match is looking to get out of control. No Arsenal or Saints Saints game until tomorrow. The weather is crap. The holidays have left you bloated and hungover. What better time than now for a new book of philosophy?

The Speculative Turn has been made available here in both its physical (for purchase) and electronic (free pdf) forms. While I’ll be purchasing a copy, and suggest you do as well, this is an excellent opportunity for those who wouldn’t normally purchase a book of contemporary philosophy or are just window shopping to have a go at it on the free. The more I consider it, the open source publishing model seems to be the right approach. God willing and I ever complete a book, it will be released this way.

Contributions come from the usual suspects: Harman, Shaviro, Bryant, Latour, Stengers, and Protevi, with contributions from some of the old guard of Continental Philosophy (Žižek, Badiou, Delanda). It serves as a coming out party of sorts for a mode of thinking that’s really beginning to establish itself as a significant contribution to contemporary philosophy.


~ by Michael L. Thomas on December 26, 2010.

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